Vehicle owners, parents, delivery, transportation, trucking, mobile service companies, private investigators and many others can all benefit from Utrack software and service. Knowing where your vehicles, employees and physical assets are in real-time on your desktop computer, mobile is a valuable management and cost-control tool.

  • Alerts:
    • Geofence Violation
    • Speed Violation
    • Stoppage
    • Low Battery
    • Sudden Acceleration
    • Sudden Deacceleration
  • Vehicle Maintenance:
    • Engine Oil Replacement
    • Gear Box Oil Change
    • Tyre Replacement
    • Clutch Repair And Replacement
    • Wheel Alignment
  • Fleet Management:
    • Insurance Renewal
    • National Permit Renewal
    • Pollution Renewal
    • Driving License
  • Reports:
    • Dashboard
    • Track History
    • Trip
    • Speed Violation
    • Stoppage
    • Geofence
    • Vehicle Status
    • 24 Hours Run Analytics
    • Specific Time Zone
    • Inactive Devices
    • Driver Performance
  • Utrack Services:
    • Near by Restaurants, ATM and Entertainment Zones
    • Near by Hospitals, Fuel Stations
    • Speedometer
    • Tollgate Chargers
    • Daily Fuel Price Changes
  • Driver Management
  • Live Location Sharing
  • Trip Management
  • Immobilize ( GPS Lock)
  • Fuel History Tracking
  • Servicing History Tracking

Why Utrack

When you are in the vehicle tracking business, quick response time to service calls can be the key differentiator between your business and your competitors. With an increasing number of players in the field, real-time fleet GPS tracking is a crucial element of an effective fleet tracking solution, and is essential for providing superior customer service.

The Utrack is an end-to-end solution that can help you provide better customer service, enhance your reputation and significantly reduce the number of customer service calls you receive. It's the one fleet tracking solution that you can count on to deliver immediate results with our easy-to-use, 100% web-based platform and data management system.

With improved customer service comes increased productivity. Our fleet GPS tracking system makes it easier than ever to account for your vehicles and transport operator's performance and behaviour Transport companies using our Utrack Solution have reported dramatic increases in completed work-orders. This increased productivity improves the top line as well as adding profits to the bottom line of your business.

As you maximise your fleet operator's performance, you are also decreasing operational costs. Our fleet tracking solution is the highest value system for fleet managers that need to reduce their fuel costs and consumption. With your online fleet GPS tracking system installed, you'll know when your vehicles start, how fast they are traveling, how long they idle, how to best route them to jobs and when they call it a day, saving fuel costs each day.

Getting your cable service fleet started is easy. Improve your customer service and productivity while decreasing fuel costs. Utrack GPS Tracking System is a proven and reliable fleet tracking solution that can help you differentiate your company from your competitors.

Learn why Utrack GPS Tracking System can provide a fleet tracking solution that's right for you by talking to our Fleet management specialist or Sales specialist.

The App Features

  • Dash Board

    Here we show you the trips list which are Ongoing, Upcoming, Overview etc.

  • Reports

    Here we the show the location of your vehicle and vehicle detials in list tab.

  • Utrack Services

    here will show you your vehicle exact location with all details

  • Main Menu

    You can check here day, week, month, year reports & total distance travelled & max. speed & avg speed. details

  • My Drivers

    You can check here day, week, month, year reports & total distance travelled & max. speed & avg speed. details

  • My Trips

    Will show you a route map in which areas you have travelled and speed report gives you the information.

  • Refer Wallet

    Time to time repost chats and speed vise reports form day to month.


    full details of your vehicle like Device IMEI number, engine number, chassis number, model etc.

  • My Geofence

    Vehicle service management gives you the full details of your vehicle service history.

  • Live Track

    Vehicle service management gives you the full details of your vehicle service history.


Single App - Multiple Uses

Live Tracking
Live Tracking
GPS Lock
GPS Lock
Trip Management
Trip Management


  • Real time vehicle location on digital map
  • Ignition ON/OFF status
  • Speed of the vehicle
  • Total distance covered by the vehicle
  • Geofence-in/out, time spent within the zone
  • Two way communication
  • Alert configuration
  • Geofence/overspeed/stoppage/route violation etc
  • Route creation and planning
  • Fuel information
  • Fleet management Fleet management- Alerts and reports
  • MIS reports: Track/Trip/speed violation/stoppage/vehicle status/specific time zone/consignment/driver performance
  • Improved response time
  • Enhanced service and driver accountability
  • Reduction in idle time
  • Increased trips and cost savings
  • Maximise vehicle efficiency
  • Improved routing, service operations and reporting
  • Track remote vehicles via GPS
  • Real time data via GSM/ GPRS or Communication satellite
  • Route and Trip Planning
  • View assets in real-time on digital maps
  • SMS based query
  • Measure Total distance covered and time taken during a trip
  • Measure and record instances of harsh braking and harsh acceleration
  • Get tamper alerts when device is being opened or disconnected
  • Internal backup battery to provide interrupted tracking and reporting
  • Drivers keeping to their schedules - Better service level, faster & shorter traveling times
  • Lower operational cost and overheads by cutting down on fuel costs, maintenance costs etc
  • Get real time data on fuel level and amount
  • Get automated reports on fuel consumption rate
  • Get automated alerts Other important operational and statistical reports
  • Measure and record the speed of vehicles and report instances of over-speeding


Utrack-Tracking for the Logistics Industry

For a logistics company to realise a competitive advantage, fleet performance and efficiency are paramount. Effectively coordinating and managing a large number of vehicles requires instant access to relevant information, detailed reporting tools and a pro-active alerting system. With Utrack, a logistics provider is given the tools they need to ensure that their business is moving forward at full speed.

Utrack-Tracking for the Logistics Industry

Challenges Solutions
Identifying the location of vehicles and/or drivers Utrack provides real-time information regarding the status and location of all vehicles/drivers, while Utrack can be used to review any prior activity.
Manual monitoring and checking of timesheets Utrack allows a quick assessment of the working hours of all vehicles/drivers, which can then be used to verify timesheets and overtime claims.
Escalating overtime claims Utrack provides a breakdown of all vehicle/driver activity, including full details of all trips (including start/stop times and locations, total distance, total time).
Under-Utilisation of vehicles and/or drivers Utrack highlights all vehicle/driver activity over a given period, as well as highlighting unused or under-utilised vehicles/drivers.
High fuel and maintenance costs Utrack provides instant warnings in case of dangerous driving, excessive speeding or out-of-hours use of vehicles, while Utrackprovides fuel usage information to help identify excessive fuel consumption.
Inefficient driving and excessive idling Utrack provides real-time warnings of any dangerous driving or excessive idling/stopping, while Utrack can generate a detailed list of all instances of dangerous driving or excessive idling/stopping (including vehicle and driver information, as well as time and location of the incident)

Our Products

Basic Device
Users of the App have the option to install a tracking system on their vehicle(s), whether commercial or personal and obtain the live location of the vehicle through the App. Additionally, the features of Temperature and Fuel can be availed to receive real-time updates along with updates on the location.

Fuel Sensor
This technologically advanced feature enables users to determine the Fuel Consumption, nearest Gas Stations, the prices of Fuel at the nearest Gas Station, etc. It is an effective method to increase efficiency in fuel consumption and reducing transportation costs.

Mobile Tracker
Mobile Tracking ensures the safety of mobile phones in case of loss or theft, the chip installed on the phone is connected to the Application which helps in tracking the location of the mobile.

Designed exclusively for personal vehicles, this magnetic chip/ device is portable and can be attached to different vehicles. Movement of vehicles can be directly and efficiently tracked on the App through this magnetic device.

Student ID
The ID Cards developed by PragatiUTrack are particularly advantageous to women, children and senior persons. Created to safeguard the security and safety of individuals, this ID Card contains a button that sends an alert to the Police and 3 Registered Numbers when pressed three times in the event of distress or danger.

Beneficial for business enterprises that require temperature regulated transportation (for ex. Pharmaceutical Industry, Poultry Industry, etc.), this cutting-edge feature assists enteprises in analysing, maintaining and determining the temperature in vehicles transporting temperature sensitive products.


GPS Vehicle Tracking System by PragatiUtrack

GPS Vehicle Tracking System by PragatiUtrack

Vehicle Tracking Systems - a recent development in the security and safety industry, saw elaborate progress and growth in the early 2000s.

The abrupt ascension in misfortunes like driver misbehaviour, stolen cargo, stolen vehicles as well as the tragedies faced by women,

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The Scope of GPS Tracking Devices: Future Prospective

The Scope of GPS Tracking Devices: Future Prospective

GPS Tracking Devices market for commercial vehicles will be a major market in 2020. Deployment of GPS tracker helps to track and monitor commercial vehicles such as trucks, buses, heavy commercial vehicles, Logistics and construction vehicles. The increasing sales of commercial vehicles would increase the adoption of GPS Tracking Devices.

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Utrack - ID Card

The rising transgressions and misbehaviours against working women, children and elder people have led to a breakthrough at Ramki Technologies. Ramki Technologies has developed an Identity Card for safeguarding the welfare and protection of the vulnerable sect of society.

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Utrack - Mobile Tracker Features and Benefits

The PragatiUTrack Application is an all-inclusive Vehicle Tracking Management Tool with unique features and multiple uses, beneficial to industries in varied sectors. The Application provides an end-to-end solution for effective tracking of vehicles, determining Transport Operator’s performance and behaviour and improving work order deliveries.

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