Product Waranty

Utrack warrants the original purchaser that for a period of twelve (12) months from the date of purchase, the product shall be free of defects in materials and workman-ship under normal use. During the warranty period, Utrack shall, at its option, repair or replace any defective product upon return of the product to its facilities, to Ramki Technologies Pvt Ltd 1-8-448, Lakshmi Building, 5th Floor, S P Road, Begumpet, Hyderabad - 500003 at no charge for labor and materials.

The original owner must promptly notify Utrack in writing that there is defect in material or workman-ship, such written notice to be received in all events prior to expiration of the warranty period.

The original owner shall provide details of device in prescribed format along with faulty device while registering service ticket and send it to and also send the signed copy along with the devices for rectification.

International Warranty

The warranty for international customers is the same as for any customer within India, with the exception that Utrack shall not be responsible for any customs fees, taxes, or VAT that may be due.

Warranty Procedure

To obtain service under this warranty, please return the item(s) in question to the point of purchase. All authorized distributors and dealers have a warranty program. Anyone returning goods to Utrack must first obtain an authorization number. Utrack will not accept any shipment whatsoever for which prior authorization has not been obtained. Conditions to Void Warranty.

This warranty applies only to defects in parts and workmanship relating to normal use. It does not cover:

  • Damage incurred in shipping or handling
  • Damage caused by disaster such as fire, flood, wind, earthquake or lightning
  • Damage due to causes beyond the control of Utrack such as excessive or insufficient voltage, mechanical shock or water damage
  • Damage caused by unauthorized attachment, alterations, modifications or foreign objects
  • Damage caused by peripherals unless such peripherals were supplied by Utrack
  • Defects caused by failure to provide a suitable installation environment for the products
  • Damage caused by use of the products for purposes other than those for which it was designed
  • Damage from improper maintenance
  • Damage arising out of any other abuse, mishandling or improper application of the products

Utrack is liability for failure to repair the product under this warranty after a reasonable number of attempts will be limited to a replacement of the product, as the exclusive remedy for warranty. Under no circumstances shall Utrack be liable for any special, incidental, or consequential damages based upon breach of warranty, breach of contract, negligence, strict liability, or any other legal theory.

Such damages include, but are not limited to, loss of profits, loss of the product or any associated equipment, cost of capital, cost of substitute or replacement equipment, facilities or services, down time, purchasers time, the claims of third parties, including customers, and injury to property.

Disclaimer of Warranties

This warranty contains the entire warranty and shall be in lieu of any and all other warranties, whether expressed or implied (including all implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose) And of all other obligations or liabilities on the part of Utrack. Utrack neither assumes nor authorizes any other person purporting to act on its behalf to modify or to change this warranty, nor to assume for it any other warranty or liability concerning this product. This disclaimer of warranties and limited warranty are governed by the laws of India. Utrack reserve the right to change or amend any of these terms and conditions at any time.

WARNING : Utrack recommends that the entire system be completely tested on a regular basis. However, despite frequent testing, and due to, but not limited to, criminal tampering or electrical disruption, it is possible for this product to fail to perform as expected.

Out of Warranty Repairs

Utrack will at its option repair or replace out-of-warranty products which are returned to its factory according to the following conditions. Anyone returning goods to Utrack must first obtain an authorization number. Utrack will not accept any shipment whatsoever for which prior authorization has not been obtained. Products which Utrack determines to be repairable will be repaired and returned. A set fee which Utrack has predetermined and which may be revised from time to time, will be charged for each unit repaired. Products which Utrack determines not to be repairable will be replaced by the nearest equivalent product available at that time. The current market price of the replacement product will be charged for each replacement unit.

Utrack comes with one-year manufacturer's limited warranty and is only offered to the original purchaser of product and is non-transferable.

If the purchaser has any questions regarding the one year manufacturer's warranty, they can contact Utrack Directly at +91 99590 45474 or

Miscellaneous Information

Utrack Product and its online store assume no liability associated with usage of any products purchased. If product(s) or service(s) are ordered and are found to be out of stock for any reason, a refund or credit will be issued if funds were acquired. Prices can be subject to change.

The purchaser signifies agreement to all Terms of Sale and conditions when completing and submitting an order.

The purchaser holds complete liability and responsibility for any damages, losses, or any type of expenses associated from the misuse or use of any Utrack products.

If a dispute is filed for any transaction, the card holder or purchaser who submitted the order will be held liable for, but not be restricted or limited to any and all associated fees, and civil, legal, and administrative costs required to resolve the dispute. Collections will be sought by alternative means, if an order placed via credit card is disputed than overturned by the issuing creditor. Any and all such additional costs will be added to the settlement amount and will be the responsibility of the individual who submitted the order (purchaser), or the cardholder to pay. Any form of legal action may result in a judgment that may negatively affect the cardholder's credit score and/or rating.

Utrack Product (, or any associated partners, will not be liable for any type fees or costs associated with a disputed transaction.

Product Return Policy

What You Need To Know Before Ordering!

Warranty Returns:

Utrack Products extends a one-year manufacturer's warranty on all GPS tracking products.

Any return(s) due to a warranty-related situation must first be approved by a Utrack Product agent of ( Returns will NOT be accepted under any another conditions.

A Utrack Products will provide shipping instructions and a Return Material Authorization Number (RMA#) if the circumstances dictate a warranty-related return is in order. This information must be obtained by the purchaser before any product(s) are returned.

Discontinued Product Returns:

Any product that has been discontinued may not be returned.

Shipping Costs & Responsibility with Returns:

The purchasing party is responsible for any costs associated with product return (postage, insurance, tracking, etc)

It is the responsibility of the purchaser that merchandise does not become damaged, misplaced or lost while being transported. Utrack assumes no liability for merchandise or product(s) that are in transit. We strongly recommend that the purchaser take all measures and precautions to ensure any returned product(s) are transported safely by the purchaser or his/her delivery agent.

Any unauthorized returns, or returns without a valid RMA#, will be promptly shipped back to the purchaser at the purchaser's expense.

Miscellaneous Returns:


Due to the nature of vehicle tracking applications, Utrack Product has 14 calendar days RETURN policy on all GPS products, surveillance systems and equipment.

If under the very unique circumstances a Utrack supervisor finds it necessary to approve a partial or full return, the purchaser will be held completely responsible for all costs associated with shipping, and an additional 30% restocking fee for the purchased product. This option is only available if the device was never used, and the buyer contacts Utrack within 14 calendar days of the product(s) being purchased.

Products or GPS tracking equipment that has been used even once will not qualify for any type of partial or full return, regardless of the circumstances.

The Utrack return policy applies to all orders conducted by the company, regardless if those orders were manually entered by the purchaser or verbally given to a sales representative.

Return policies are always subject to change at the discretion of Utrack.

Corporate Address

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