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Vehicle Tracking Systems - a recent development in the security and safety industry, saw elaborate progress and growth in the early 2000s.

The abrupt ascension in misfortunes like driver misbehaviour, stolen cargo, stolen vehicles as well as the tragedies faced by women, in broad daylight and night while travelling, has paved way for prodigious development in the security industry.

Ramki Technologies a known pioneer in the Security and Safety Industry aims to bridge the gap between these rising adversities by offering precautionary measures and effective solutions to owners of vehicles and passengers in the form of an effectual and efficacious Vehicle Tracking Device.

The circumstances persisting in the modern-day scenario entail the premise for security arrangements and this blog endeavours to shed light on the importance of efficient Vehicle Tracking Systems, to curb inconvenient and adverse situations.

Utrack Vehicle Tracking Systems are an innovative and resourceful solution presented by Ramki Technologies to curtail or prevent unfortunate incidents. The tracking device, a piece of versatile equipment, benefits personal vehicles, cargo vehicles further extending its usefulness to School Buses, University Buses among other vehicles.

The Vehicle Tracking System assimilates information about the location/ position of the vehicle (along with the latitude and longitude) in real-time and makes this information available to the person having access to the Utrack Application.

The tracking device, once installed on the Vehicle serves as a tool of safety and security in times of adversities as it allows the individual with access to effectively track the vehicle on a single click!

The tracking solution alternatively can be used by companies in the Logistics Sector, Food & Beverages Sector, Government Sector among others, to improve and improvise efficiency as it provides real-time updates on any unauthorized breaks and the routes adopted by the driver.

Whether you’re the owner of a Logistics Company or are an individual concerned for your family’s safety, the Tracking System by Ramki Technologies is an invaluable investment.

Make the smart choice and the right choice by investing in the Vehicle Tracking Device offered by Utrack to prevent mishaps.

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