Utrack - Mobile Tracker Features and Benifits

Utrack Mobile Tracker

The Utrack Application is an all-inclusive Vehicle Tracking Management Tool with unique features and multiple uses, beneficial to industries in varied sectors. The Application provides an end-to-end solution for effective tracking of vehicles, determining Transport Operator’s performance and behaviour and improving work order deliveries.

The users on a simple click can obtain real-time updates on their consignments maximizing efficiency. The Utrack Application is an optimal solution for business enterprises to track the movement of vehicles and improve the productivity of transport operators, thereby reducing overall operational overheads.

Exclusive features on the Utrack Application:

Vehicle Tracking:

The distinctive feature of vehicle tracking is immeasurably beneficial to businesses as well as individuals. Real-time tracking of commercial and personal vehicles at present is of great importance as it ensures the safety of the driver and the vehicle. The live tracking feature provides details including the longitude, latitude and speed of the vehicle to the user of the Application.

The advanced tracking feature offered by Utrack bolsters the security of vehicles and help businesses lower operational costs by transmitting data with regards to sudden acceleration or decelerations, recklessness of the driver, fuel consumption, etc.

Basic: Users of the App have the option to install a tracking system on their vehicle(s), whether commercial or personal and obtain the live location of the vehicle through the App. Additionally, the features of Temperature and Fuel can be availed to receive real-time updates along with updates on the location.

Magnetic: Designed exclusively for personal vehicles, this magnetic chip/ device is portable and can be attached to different vehicles. Movement of vehicles can be directly and efficiently tracked on the App through this magnetic device.

Temperature: Beneficial for business enterprises that require temperature regulated transportation (for ex. Pharmaceutical Industry, Poultry Industry, etc.), this cutting-edge feature assists enteprises in analysing, maintaining and determining the temperature in vehicles transporting temperature sensitive products.

Fuel: This technologically advanced feature enables users to determine the Fuel Consumption, nearest Gas Stations, the prices of Fuel at the nearest Gas Station, etc. It is an effective method to increase efficiency in fuel consumption and reducing transportation costs.

The Temperate and Fuel Features can be availed independently or together along with the Basic Feature by users of the Utrack Application.

Mobile Tracking: Mobile Tracking ensures the safety of mobile phones in case of loss or theft, the chip installed on the phone is connected to the Application which helps in tracking the location of the mobile.

ID Card: The ID Cards developed by Utrack are particularly advantageous to women, children and senior persons. Created to safeguard the security and safety of individuals, this ID Card contains a button that sends an alert to the Police and 3 Registered Numbers when pressed three times in the event of distress or danger.

The experienced team at Utrack strives at developing exclusive features to help businesses enhance their efficiency and reduce operational costs and work persistently to improve and impart safety measures to individuals who may find themselves in dangerous situations.

Fleet Management:

The holistic fleet tracking solution provided by Utrack facilitates businesses in driver/ operator management, accident management, speed management, fuel management, complying with legal requirements such as Insurance Renewal, National Permit Renewal and Pollution Renewal.

Establishing geofencing through the Application allows businesses to record the movement of the fleet and triggering alerts when vehicles enter or leave the geofence.

Business enterprises relying on transportation for operation can benefit significantly by utilizing this Application as the feature of Fleet Management enables businesses to improve driver efficiency, reduce overall transportation costs and minimize risks associated with vehicles.

Android users can download the Utrack Application (available on PlayStore) today and enjoy the benefits!

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