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Utrack Student ID Card

The rising transgressions and misbehaviours against working women, children and elder people have led to a breakthrough at Ramki Technologies. Ramki Technologies has developed an Identity Card for safeguarding the welfare and protection of the vulnerable sect of society.

The Identity Card contains a button that enables persons in distressed situations to signal the Police and three Registered Contacts about their situation as well as location.

The parents of school-going children who travel alone are persistently worried about their child’s location and safety owing to the rising crime of kidnapping. If you are a concerned parent, you can effectively boost the security of your children by hanging the ID Card developed by Utrack around the necks of your children. Children should, however, be explained thoroughly how to use the ID Card in case of any situation that entails discomfort.

Globally, the crimes against women are at an all-time high. From working women to housewives; all are gradually getting enormously concerned about their safety. By using the Utrack ID Card, you can take your safety in your own hands! The ID Card developed at Ramki Technologies will empower you to alert and disclose your location to the Police and 3 registered members. The cleverly placed buttons on the ID Card in a discreet manner is to be pressed three times to send the alert and alarm loved ones.

A lot like children and women, older men and women are at risk of being victimized, attacked or harmed too. The Utrack ID Card provides a simple yet effective method to guarantee safety. Older people or their concerned family members can use this reliable and easy to use ID Card for protection.

The ID Card designed and developed by us, therefore, of vital importance if you ever find yourself in a defenceless or dangerous situation.

Secure your safety and your family’s safety by utilizing the Utrack ID Card developed exclusively by Ramki Technologies today! Indeed, it is better to be safe than sorry.

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